Write it down. My sharing notebook.

Writing is an outlet for me. It is my path to my thoughts, motivations and stories. I have notebooks all over the place and I write whenever I can. Here is a place that I will share my writing that is from my participation in Teachers Write. If you would like more information, check it out here.

There are a lot of reasons I write. For a long time I wrote only privately and for myself. While there is still things that I write that will never see the light of day, I have come to see writing as a public declaration of our truth and thoughts. If does not place more value on one person’s writing over another, but is it the truth if we don’t speak it?

I write to find the stories that need to be told. I write to tell the truth about my experience and to help others with sharing my experience. I do this because I read other people’s experiences and truth. To me, it is only fair.

Teachers Write 2013 Button

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